Perform the fractography for metals to be cast before and after heat treatment.

Ferrite, Austenite, Martensite and Pearlite are the metal tissue to construct the material with check-point of its nature setup.


This chemical analyzer has 36 channel to check chemical components of the metal.

Material sampling before and after the casting is a must to be with specification of the metal components required. A substitutional chemical elements may be added to accord with material standard according to the analysis



Measures all of the curved and sophisticated configuration.


Hardness test of HRC and HRB before and after the heat treatment of the casting parts. We take "C" scale measurement for the quenched product and "B" for the product of annealing.


A good utility for drawing of casting parts and mould. Much usefull at the first stage of metal working for sketch and drawing of the order product. It also help machining drawing from customer to change for the drawing of casting for factory use.