Image may be, there is almost no limit of design for the desired casting product. Drawers and engineers can expect precise details and dimensional accuracy of parts weighing from just a few grams or ounces to 20 kg or 60 pounds

Eliminate tooling cost, wax pattern offers near- net-shape of the product to eliminate tooling set-up expenses, fixturing cost are substantially low

Costly machining operations are reduced and partly eliminated No capital investment for equipment is needed to produce in house

Economical parts assembly, mass production accelerated.
several parts can be made as one casting in wax assembly process, reducing handling, welding, assembly and inspection cost , eventually enabling mass production of short leadtime.

Relief lettering, splines, holes, bosses, serration and even some
thread can be cast.

Mechanical properties and performances can be improved or even better changed through metallurgical control of its crystal size, direction , even oneside direction for some special order to use.